Level Of Spiritual Maturity Assessment

This assessment is just a tool to help you see where you are in your spiritual maturity. You need to be completely honest with yourself. Only you will see this unless you would like help on your next step, then at the bottom put your name and a contact.

Now, add up all the numbers next to your answers, write it down and click the submit button. You should get a total between 8 and 32. That number is important. Our prayer is that the next couple months you grow in your Spiritual Maturity and that number grows. Now, scroll down and see what level you are on!


Below are the Levels of Maturity. From the final number you got from the assessment above, look for your number and see what level you are at. 
Saved but not a regular church attender. Needs guidance.


Saved and attends church. Self Focused.


Serving OR participating. Kingdom focused.


Serving and participating. Disciple maker.


Making disciple makers.


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Attending Church

Reading the Bible

Sharing your testimony

Sharing the Gospel

Giving to the Church



Attending a Small/D-Group


Saved but not a regular Church attender. 

John 3:3
Description of infant;
Every new Christian starts out as a spiritual infant. As new believers, they are excited and eager to learn. They know something has changed, and they may even experience a spiritual high, which is great. Their unsaved friends often notice the difference, and infants are quick to announce their new faith to whoever will listen. However, in many ways, they tend to make messes. They are oblivious to what this new world is all about. They are characterized by the word ignorance. They might know many things, but they are ignorant of the rules in their new spiritual life.
What infants need;
Better Habits. Sharing their testimony. Spiritual Milk (Word of God).
What infants say;
•  I need to go to church regularly? I’ve never heard that before. •  I need to pray regularly and
read the Bible regularly? I’ve never heard that before. How would I do that? •  I didn’t know the
Bible said that. •  Tithing? What’s that? •  I’ve always connected with God through nature.
Being outdoors is my church. •  I don’t need anyone else. It’s just me and Jesus. •  I need
someone to regularly care for me. •  I know Jesus is God, but isn’t karma real too? •  Trinity?
Huh? Now you’ve got me confused. •  My wife and I just got baptized, and on the way home
from church we got into a big fight. What’s up with all that? I thought Jesus was supposed to
take care of all our problems.


Saved and attends Church. 

1 Peter 2:2-3, Hebrews 5:12-14
Description of a Child;
As they grow, spiritual infants move into the spiritual child stage of development. At this point, they understand the basic language of faith. They can be excited about their faith, and in many ways, they are innocent and cute. However, they still act childishly and are often rebellious and self-centered in many ways. Spiritual children tend to do what they should only when they are rewarded or threatened with some kind of punishment. They may do the right thing, but it’s usually to avoid an outcome they dislike or to get something they want.
What children need;
Sharing their testimony. Better habits. Areas to get involved.
What children say;
•  I don’t know if this church is meeting my needs anymore. Maybe I should go to a different church that does better. •  Don’t branch my small group into two. We won’t get to be with our friends. •  Who are all these new people coming into our church? The church is getting too big. It’s too hard to get a parking spot anymore. •  Why do we have to learn new songs? I like the old hymns better. •  I didn’t like the music today. They should play more contemporary stuff. • No one ever says hi to me at church. No one ever calls me to see how I’m doing. No one spends time with me. The pastors don’t care about me. •  My small group is not taking care of my needs like they should. •  I wasn’t fed at all by that sermon today. •  Why don’t they have a ministry to singles at this church? This church must not care about singles. •  No Christian should ever listen to hip- hop or rock. That kind of music is just unchristian. •  Well, I’d join the worship team, but no one’s ever asked me. •  I was helping in children’s ministry, but they didn’t appreciate what I was doing, so I quit.


Serving OR participating.

1 John 2:13-14
Description of Teens;
As spiritual children grow up, they mature into the spiritual young adult stage. At this stage, they have grown tremendously from where they started. They are eager to serve, think independently, and look much like adults; however, they still have much to learn about responsibility and about how to care for the spiritual needs of others. They are zealous for God and can be characterized as being “God-focused” and “other-centered.” They are becoming intentional or strategic about sharing their faith and will see people converted, but they are not yet able to reproduce disciples who can make disciples. They serve intentionally but don’t make disciples intentionally. They want their independence, and in some cases, they should have it, but they need continued coaching/parenting.
What teens need;
Training, equipping and opportunities to serve.
What teens say;
•  In my devotions, I came across something I have a question about. •  I really want to go to Uganda on a mission trip this summer. I know I’m ready for it. I know God has big plans for my life. •  I just love being a worship leader. I think it’s something God has gifted me in, and I love to see an entire congregation lifting their hands in worship when I’m leading. •  I have three friends I’ve been witnessing to, and our small group would be too big for them, so can we branch so they can come? •  Brandon and Tiffany missed our group, so I called them to see if they’re okay. Their kids have the flu, so maybe our group can make meals for them. I’ll start. • Look at how many are at church today it’s awesome! The closest parking spot I could find was two blocks away!


Serving AND participating.

2 Timothy 2:1-2
Description of Parents;
In the next stage of spiritual development, we become spiritually mature enough to reproduce disciples – we become spiritual parents. I am purposely using the term parent here rather than the word adult. As Christians, we are called to make disciples – to do our part to reproduce our faith in another. Adults are able to reproduce, but that does not mean they are reproducing. I know many Christians who have the ability to be spiritual parents but don’t make it a priority. Though they would like to call themselves mature, I would say that they are not. Why? Because they have not prioritized their lives around the mission of Christ, which is to make disciples. Just as the human race continues because we physically reproduce, so Christianity continues on this planet because Christians spiritually reproduce, or make disciples.
What parents need;
Training on disciple making.
What parents say;
•  I wonder if God is leading me to invest in Bill and help him mature in his faith. •  I want to help this guy at work. He asked me to explain the Bible to him. Pray for me as I spend time in the Word with him. •  We get to baptize someone from our small group tonight. When is the next foundations class? Getting him plugged into ministry is essential for his growth. •  Our small group is going on a mission trip. I am praying for God’s wisdom as I give each person a different responsibility to help them grow. •  The most important missionary-making is with my children. Will you hold me accountable to lead devotionals with my kids on a daily basis? I get so busy that I am not consistent with them. •  I want to be conscious of the influence of my words and actions when I go to the game with Bill and Betty. I easily get upset at the referees. As new Christians, Bill and Betty are hungry for guidance, and I want to set an example for them. •  I have a spiritual child in my small group who is causing conflicts; pray that I will have patience as I lead them through this difficult stage. • I have a young adult who is ready to be an apprentice in our group; it won’t be long until we are ready to branch our small group.



Joshua 24:31 (Moses and Joshua)
Description of Grandparents;
In the final stage of spiritual development, grandparent discerns the potential abilities in others to become leaders, and encourages them to seek out their leadership abilities and use them to grow disciples.   Spiritual grandparents have grown in their walk with God to the point of earned respect by others, therefore, they are trusted when they interact about spiritual things that they see in others.  Grandparents continue to make disciples but also make leaders out of disciples, and help recognize leadership abilities in others such as small group leaders, board leaders, mission leaders, etc.

What grandparents need;
Continue to grow in their walk with God. Continue to make disciples and seek out leaders.