The Vision of Connect Church

5 Year Vision

In the next 5 years we will invite everyone who calls our church home to a new level of maturity in Christ. Our vision is to have 80% of our members in groups outside of worship service. The primary focus is spiritual maturity that overflows to leadership in the church and leaders being sent out.

3 Year Strategy

Encourage our church to connect with the lost through intentional personal invites. Then challenging the church to continue with on purpose evangelism.
Expanding the idea of what a small group could be. Targeted subjects to meet certain needs of groups.
Encouraging our leaders to become leaders of leaders. Then allowing potential leaders to teach classes/groups.
Sharing needs and celebrating accomplishments through giving.

1 Year Vision

In the next year we will challenge our Church to connect people to their next step of maturity. In 365 days (May 21, 2024), we want to have 1800 conversations as a whole church.

90 Day Strategy

Personal Assessment-
Take the Levels of Maturity Assessment to understand where you are. What steps do you need to take to go to the next level of maturity? Set goals to achieve this.
Most wanted list-
Make a list of 5 people you want to see take their next step. 
- Pray for them daily
- How will you help them understand where they are on the levels of Maturity? 
- How will you help them understand their next step?
- Determine how you will follow up.
These can be watched individually, and encouraged in your d-groups or small groups.
Each week we will highlight a specific training.
Fill out the next step conversation form every week so we can celebrate accomplishments by sharing written and video testimonies.